DSLR Photography & GoPro Post (Novice and Pro Alike)

I’ll initiate a post encompassing DSLR photography, and GoPro usage for learner, amateur, and pro-users.

I’m an ‘amateur’ DSLR Nikon user, and GoPro devotee (Hero4 Black & Silver); if things turn out alright, then a new full-frame Nikon might become a reality.

I will endeavour add more content as time goes on.

My amateur GoPro time-lapse footage below:

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GoPros are so versatile. I would love to have one to pin in random places.

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What about chinese cams?
Specially Xiaomi!
Same story as korean monitors - cheap, somewhat jerky, but functional. Barebone would be the word that i would use, they also have the fisheye present and should be compatible with the GoPro stuff.
So far i use a pretty old Fujifilm HS10 for videos, 1080p with 29min limit, but it has some drawbacks and i want more, but DSLR video has some drawbacks aswell… No idea what i will grab in the near future.

I have seen the Xiaomi action-cams for sale in my region, I have never used a Xiaomi action-cam, but I believe they are just as many features as the GoPros (Hero4)

The Xiaomi action-cams may also be slightly cheaper than the GoPro when being ordered online.

The video capabilities of the early DSLRs left a lot to be desired, but many of the current models from Nikon, Canon etc are excelling in the video-capturing department.

True Hutch, they are versatile, but GoPro’s do have their limitations. As long as the user understands those limitations then the GoPro can be a joy to work with.

In-built audio is the biggest weakness with GoPros, so the user needs to plug in an external microphone.

Yeah, audio is pretty rough… But to be honest, almost all internal mics can be. haha

Have you seen this? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1025667430/aer-throw-your-gopro?ref=user_menu

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To improve GoPro audio I utilise a Røde lav mic, which works alright for my needs.

That Kickstarter project looks interesting.

An aspect of GoPro usage that newcomers to the GoPro need to grasp is ‘FOV’ or the ‘field-of-view’ settings for this device.

The bloke at the Fast, Electronic and Loud Youtube channel has produced a great video to explain the concept of FOV (this particular video relates to the Hero4 Black)

You need to decide upon what FOV is suitable for your particular situation, and how to that impacts on the final-edit destined for your computer screen or Youtube etc.

My own preference with the Hero4 Silver is to shoot in the ‘wide’ format at 1080p 60fps.

I don’t really do as much video production as I had, though I still do from time to time. I shoot with a hacked Panasonic GH2 (Driftwood’s Moon Trial 8 I think is the last patch I settled on). I personally don’t use GoPro’s/action cameras all that much, but I also don’t shoot a ton of stuff that requires a GoPro/action camera. The ones I have used the most are some Chinese knockoff ‘FauxPros.’ I actually like them a lot more than GoPros, they had a removable LCD screen that could be swapped out for a battery pack, controls are a bit easier and they’re overall cheaper with basically the same video quality.

This is the most recent video I’ve done, it’s a music video for my friends’ band. There is a little bit of that ‘FauxPro’ footage in it towards the end, but everything else is the GH2.

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I would love to eventually get a dslr camera with a stabilizer one day. Pretty sure i would be outside everyday and be more motivated to visit places. Right now i just have my father’s old 35mm camera. It’s a pain finding places that still develop that film.

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I used to send mine off in the mail, was pretty cheap. /shrug

It’d be nice to find someone local with a darkroom we could use.

Why not develop your own?
B&W isn’t hard at all.
Can use a red safelight when you’re doing prints onto photographic paper then.
For colour, you can get lightproof bags with sleeves and just do it blind. Use one of those tub things. Don’t need to dedicate a whole room. Then scan in the film digitally (who even uses prints any more anyway?).

I’d rather use someone else’s equipment for developing - dark rooms are way more fun then doing it in your bathroom, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

doesn’t have to be in a bathroom?

Do it in your bed! Do it in your car! Do it at the kitchen table! Do it in the office! Do it in your basement! Do it in space! Do it at Steve Jobs’ grave! Do it at your birthplace! Do it in Pripyat! Do it in hell! Do it in the place your parents left you to fend for yourself because you were a cripple and they couldn’t look after you any more because you brought shame to the family and people were beginning to stop inviting them to social events and they would’ve ended up without any support whatsoever and you were eating them out of house and home and your mother needed to get back into work because nobody would give them maternity leave because they didn’t recognise you as a child but more of some sort of spawn of satan that should’ve been euthanised at birth and never even given the slightest chance at life because from the get go it was probably going to be nothing but agonising pain every step of the way


Or you know, just do it where you like. Whatever floats your boat. lol

…I am not putting developer/fixer in my room and stinking up the place lol Bathrooms are commonly used just due to 1. good air circulation from the fans 2. easy to access drain point for safe chemicals 3. often pitch black besides the door frame because there are usually no windows.

Bags are cool buuuuut there’s always a higher risk involved exposing your film.

I might be used to it by now tbf. It’s not that bad. I’m talking about developing the film in a lightproof tub.

Crack a window open.

Schoolchildren’s water bottles.

Not a necessity. Done it in rooms with massive southern and western facing windows in the early afternoon before… no biggie if the bag’s decent.

Living is a risk. You’d have to be having a really dumb day to fuck it up like really. Practice with some cheap shit.

You’re not selling me man haha - all this extra stuff and more things to worry about when I could just do it in a bathroom with a red light and call it good. There’s reasons why that has been the room of choice for everyone, for years.

you’ve failed to give me any B)
just over cautious

Not sure there’s such a thing as being over cautious when it comes to not losing your photos :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s all part of the fun! Wimp! DIY or GTFO!