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Drunk on rgb


I think some people are getting drunk on RGB. If I did have the know how to do a custom PC. I would make it like a low rider. Custom paint air brushed add some gold and silver flake, add a kick ass audio. don’t forget to add your favorite saint. Saint Linux. No RGB as a fog maker. :slight_smile:


Paint jobs and custom hardware are far out of most peoples’ reach/interest. Adding colorful lights is pretty easy and looks nice, which is one reason people of flocking to it.

I just got a new mouse, didn’t know it had ARGB lights in it, but now that I’ve used it I’m even more into the rainbow vibe. I just blew my budget on a new laptop, so I won’t be RGBing my desktop any time soon, but I am looking forward to it at some point.


I just like RGB because you can always make your setup match, assuming they don’t use any weird colors on the actual body, like how Corsair made part of the Scimitar yellow. Kinda defeats the purpose of customizable lighting because then you have to do something that matches with yellow, assuming you want stuff to match. They did come out with a black version too though.

My case fans are just blue, so I make my peripherals blue as well. If I get different case fans later, I can just change the color in software instead of having to buy new peripherals to get stuff to match. I’m not really into the crazy rainbow effects n stuff, but I like the flexibility of having RGB.


Why not both? underglow is a common stereotype of lowriders and rgb would compliment that


Yeah underglow… I am for. But not like RGB drunk is like this too much chrome.chrome


The real reason I don’t like to much RGB. I am not entertaining locker aliens :wink: all