Drunk Driver Took Me Out! Now I Got Settlement for a New PC!


So I’ll be honest in saying that I’ve been out of touch lately with Tek Syndicate. I was a huge fan, watched all of the Twitch streams individually, and et cetera. Even designed a “Ministry of Stop-It!” shirt displayed on a live stream discussed with Logan that never eventually came to light.
Still love the group, been on a hiatus, got a massive shock when I came back and saw all of the changes in staff and tragedies that incurred, but wish them all the luck and support them regardless of circumstances or location as they were great to me years ago. I won’t forget it.

Putting aside all of that! A drunk driver nearly killed me by a matter of mere inches and fractions of a second months ago, and I’m starting to see lawsuit money! Don’t like to be the guy that sues, but the insurance was going to leave me car-less, and with debt.

So it’s time for a new rig!!! Like I said I’ve been out of touch so I’d love suggestions. I love really obnoxiously large hefty cases (although I’m over the rainbow LED vomit phase) to compensate for my infidelities. I’m open to suggestions!