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DOUG vs. Planty


this is a very serious topic, which plant is better, DOUG or JayzTwoCents Planty?




Well, Doug is alive and Planty is fake.

I’m not saying the answer is obvious here but Doug doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop growing anytime soon.


Doug has girth and worth. He has a sassy attitude as well. Planty is a gimmick. Doug is essential to the team.


don’t be to insulting to Planty now, he has yet to show us his true potential.


Doug is unstoppable. Planty is absolutely absurd, sir.


This question is insulting to Doug…


people seem to like doug better, I personally wish for planty to grow in personality as he cannot physically grow.


Doug needs a forum account.


Doug (if he wants) can be a grafter… in other words he can impregnate other plants,trees. Or augment himself with i.e. Oak trunk, or additional branches for choking plants. And Planty might even be plastic…


Wubba Lubba Doug Doug


Yes I do.


Glad to see you on the forum. I know the situation at the office isn’t great, but real talent will always prevail.




They are lucky I provide their oxygen.


I heard that Doug’s partner in taking over the world is Evilserver from Hak5… Just a rumor tho :wink:


We all Know doug is the best <3

for peek sake i have pictures of doug on my wall he must be the best


Doug is always going to be our one true lord. Praise be the doug.


All hail the one true plant!

(cough) shameless plug (cough)



It’s beautiful.