Don't Install Windows 98: My Nostalgia Turns to Pain

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How to play dos games (mentioned in the video): Note, you don’t need to manually download Dosbox pure. You can get it inside RetroArch:

I wasn’t even going to release this… I had such a stressful week thanks to Windows 98… This OS is NOT made for 2022… maybe that’s why it’s not called Windows 2022.

This started as a sleeper build, but I decided to mess around with the current hardware for a while. Windows 98 was amazing back in the gaming days… but it’s very difficult to use these days due to it’s age and it’s really difficult to find drivers. However, I… kinda got it working. Check out this video for the whole experience.

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That universal USB driver for 98 makes life a whole lot easier. I also having driver issues, I have an old Pentium 4 Northwood system and the latest drivers aren’t that stable.