Does Twitch Want to Be The Better Facebook? | The Crit Show 0014

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In memory of Mike.


YouTube CEO: Social media has 'responsibility' to greater good
It’s official: Prenda copyright trolls made their own porn, seeded on Pirate Bay | Ars Technica
Twitch goes after Steam with direct game sales
Attention Broadcasters: Channel Feed Beta is Now Available
Twitch goes full Facebook
Wikileaks CIA Files - What this means for Internet security and encryption - ProtonMail Blog
NH House Passes Historic Bitcoin Protection Bill + Cannabis Decrim Passed by Record 89%! | Free Keene
Google says it’s already fixed many exploits from WikiLeaks’ CIA document dump - The Verge
Prideful Sloth’s Yonder brings Legend of Zelda experience to PS4 and PC | Grab It – The Game Discovery App
Nintendo Switch painful launch - YouTube
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It’s going to become shitpost central.

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They should have left Twitch as it was, as a niche streaming-service.

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Their “Responsibility to the greater good” line is another way of saying catering content to attempt to direct people’s thinking towards a social justice mentality. The same crap facebook and google have been doing for a while now. “Think like us or we’ll remove your content”.


Lol @Logan your response was great to the inbox I sent was great

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Jokes on you @Logan about the Android security updates, rocking Lineage OS on my Honor 5X with the latest monthly security patches. Lol, but you are right about carriers and manufactures not shipping out even the basic security updates.

Anyways, you should do some videos on the “flagship killer” phones from China and Taiwan. Great episode man, keep up the good work! Still waiting on that digital life video you said you might make!

Since it appears my post got caught in the spam filter on YT, thought I’d crosspost here:

00:45 - Social Media Has Responsibility To Greater Good
02:09 - Prenda Copyright Trolls Made Their Own Porn
04:32 - Twitch Selling Games, New Channel Feeds
06:09 - Vault 7: CIA’s “Hacking Arsenal”
08:28 - New Hampshire Passes BTC Protection Bill
09:37 - Google Fixed? Most of Hacking Exploits, Supposedly
10:15 - What Has Justin Been Playing?
11:47 - Nintendo Switch Launch Woes
12:37 - LoZ Alternative
13:10 - Inbox.exe
13:28 - Top 3 Countries?
14:46 - Eating Babies
15:27 - Upgrading To A 1080 Ti?
RIP Mike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Sucks that everyone wants to be a social media juggernaut… As the end game for all of that is a less free thinking and more controlled population.

Buuuutttt ya know… I bet no one will use it on twitch tbh. Gives you nothing of value from what I have seen so far.

I killed Mike…Doug is next.


Some people will see killing, others will see humping in that gif

I didn’t really think twitch needed changing. I think they are trying to expand their audience and maybe make it easier for people to expand on who they watch. I hope there isn’t any extra fluff to this. Facebook is garbage. The other day I was complaining about a guy wearing too much cologne (not on facebook, but an actual conversation) BOOM! cologne ads all over facebook for me. Sneaky cunts.

I think a better analogy would be twitch wants to be a “better” discord

I kinda am torn on the whole thing, ya cool innovation and what not, but the chance this becomes super shady (with the ability to buy the game a streamer is playing from twitch) is kinda worrying. But also think its your fault for watching a stream play a game and just go buy it off that lol

Wish hitbox or something else could kinda be more of a competition to the juggernaut that is the Amazon/twitch beast.