Does anyone think we could render older 3D animated movies in realtime?

What used to take huge computer farms back in the day to render out a movie like Toy Story has me wondering if we could render older movies like the one mentioned in realtime today.

What would be your guys thoughts?

Would you think it could be possible now? Whats the newest 3D movie you can think of that might be possible with the latest tech?

I graduated from a 3 years program in 3D animation back in 2010 (I never found a job in this field though) and even at that time, the first toy story movie was considered tobe a technical challenge. I don’t think that it evolved this much in 2017, even though in 2010 we worked with 6-8 cores xeons. The biggest improvement is the tools they use to create models and textures. Man it’s so easy right now, I would sure have a job in this field If I learned on these tools :stuck_out_tongue: