Does anyone here use Mageia Linux / Have used it in the past?

I am somewhat curious of Magia and its heritage. I’ve always wanted to use it but I have been somewhat wary of it as its system is soooo far different than what I am used to. In the next few days I will be setting up a dual boot again in an attempt for stability and I want a somewhat LTS system thats outside the small bubble of slackware/arch/ubuntu that I am so used to.

I have had a few issues with it. Installing Mageia 5 on a laptop, I found that I couldn’t install anything off the repo’s. Nor could I have it check for update. In fact the system doesn’t seem like its all too far set to use wifi and more geared towards ETH0 than anything else. Past that, it uses KDE3.5. Is there anything out to say that it will use plasma any time soon?

Is there some stuff that is really basic that I am missing? Also why do I have to do SU to do anything cli wise not related to basic user apps? Why not use sudo?

For the repo, are you sure you are online? You just install what you need yourself… if you don’t want to use su then install and use sudo. Just like you do Arch linux :slight_smile: Wifi and such, you have to setup yourself too afaik, its only *buntu that is filled to the brim with automated scripts.