Do you think Intel will lower the price of their 8 core X99 cpu's, after the release of Ryzen?

I am wondering if it is worth upgrading my cpu to a 6900k from a 5930k? I want to hear some other people’s thoughts on this. I know that getting a 8 core Ryzen cpu with a AM4 motherboard would be cheaper, but I already have a fantastic X99 motherboard.

Wait. I’m under NDA so I can’t say much, all I can say is wait.

Personally, I don’t think Intel will ever lower their prices. They have a pretty solid history of keeping their prices around the same margin as they had at release. They may lower a small amount, but not the nice drop we would like to see with those types of CPUs’. Obviously, though, we will just have to see when Ryzen hits store shelves.

I’m not under any NDAs and I actually know nothing. I’m speculating that they will lower prices or come out with new parts to compete directly with AMD.

I am kind of hoping they do drop their prices. Kisame has a good point about Intel’s history with keeping their prices pretty fixed, but they kind of seem like they are caught with their pants down. I do enjoy the number of PCIe lanes with X99. It gives me a lot of potential head room for NVME SSD’s and SLI. I may just have to be patient and wait until after release.

If intel is smart, yes. But if they’re going to continue being bullish on prices, it might be a different story.

It’s all going to play in the quad core area. Most gamers have i5s, intel will want to be really competitive there.


If all the leaks about Ryzen are true then they have to. It’s the nature of business. When your competitor comes out with a product that does what your product does at a fraction of a price then your product is no longer competitive unless you adjust your pricing.

I doubt it

After seeing the benchmarks for Ryzen, I think I am going to stick with my 5930K.

Of course, that’s a monster cpu.

Being overclocked at 4.4ghz, it gets the job done.

I am now thinking that Intel may do not to much to the price… Maybe $100, but the media was negative on AMD, mostly due to game performance. They let that overshadow the disruptive nature of this part when compared to x99.

That is sadly true. This is a great CPU for multi threaded tasks! It has the possibility of expanding even more with BIOS updates. I’m wondering if Intel is in the shadows on some of these reviews…? I want AMD to make the come back they deserve. I always had find memories of my phenom 2 and FX8350 builds!

The thing is that everyone wanted AMD to gain the whole market. They imagined that AMD would make intel obsolete. It is not. It just brings a lot a of good competition, both price and performance wise against targeted intel cpus (x99 for the moment)