Do I need to configure anything when installing SSD?

Hi guys, I just ordered a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD and it will be here soon, I’m going to do a fresh install of Windows 10, so I was wondering if I need to configure anything?

I’ve read this article:
It says that I should disable Hibernation, enable TRIM, disable Superfetch and limit or move the Page File.

Just have to format it in windows and it’s all good to go

Hibernation, or suspend to disk, is used for laptops mainly. For when they run out of power.

TRIM is enabled by default with Windows 10.

superfetch is just a caching thing for search queries, not that big of a deal.

If you have a one drive system you can’t move the page file. Page file, or swap file, needs to be present on OS, but not as much as you would think. Windows like to do a ton more than needed. You should be fine setting it to 2 GiB. Unless you are on a laptop then you want at minimum the amount of RAM you have in the system as swap space. So 8 GiB of RAM, you want at least >= 8 GiB of swap.

Modern SSD’s are way more hardy then the first gen ones, I.E, the number of writes they can do is a lot. This article was written in 2017? It sounds like its coming from 2010.