DLL Error and 0xc000007b errors

Recently some programs have been giving me random DLL errors. I go through various buillshit to get all the different DLLs from random sketchy cites, until finally the DLL error goes away… BUT NOW I GOT A NEW FUCKING ERROR. Now it just says some shit about 0xc000007b. I’ve gone through many youtube tutorials on how to “fix” this shit, BUT NONE OF THEM WORK.

any help please

Nuke your OS from high orbit and start over.

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Reinstall your OS.
Or run Windows repair

I found This I don’t know if this will help you But yeah.

Reinstalling the OS is the surefire way of fixing the issue :stuck_out_tongue:


have you fixed this problem?

have you tried the command:

sfc /scannow

Have you tried turning it off and on again?