Disabling overscan on a Panasonic TC-L32C3 TV to use it as a PC monitor

Is it even possible?

I have inherited a Panasonic TC-L32C3 TV (1080p, made in 2011) and planned to use it as a desktop PC monitor. However, none of the “format” options allow for 1x1 pixel scale, it has the annoying and unnecessary always-on overscan that makes it nearly unuseable as a computer display. On Windows 10, the task bar and window edges are almost completely off-screen.

Of course, I can work around this using Desktop Resize in the Nvidia control panel, but it still means sacrificing resolution due to overscan.

I was told that, in order to get 1x1 pixel scaling on Panasonic TVs, it both needs to be set on the “Full” format AND have “Size 2” selected in the Aspect adjustments section. But the Size 1/2 options (labeled “H Size” in the menu) are greyed out and unuseable on the “Full” preset (changing that size also doesn’t fix anything on any of the other formats, which are limited to only “JUST”, “4:3”, “ZOOM” and “H-FILL”.) (And yes, all of those modes make it even worse than on “FULL”, regardless of the Size 1/2 selected)

The manual itself makes no mention of “overscan”, nor of any way to get rid of it. Which is strange, because even back in not-so-long-ago 2011, the concept of using a TV as a computer display wasn’t exactly far-fetched.

Product support page : http://shop.panasonic.com/support-only/TC-L32C3.html