Did the cold kill my computer? Please help me get my rig running again [ SOLVED ]

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Other [Rosewill Glacier 700M 700W Power Supply] $64.99 @ Newegg Marketplace
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I was away on vacation and left my PC unplugged and off while I was gone. It did nothing but sit in a cold room for about 4 weeks. Before I left the PC was working fine! booted played games the whole 9 yards but as soon as I got back I plugged in my mouse and tried to power on the system.
The Fans spin and the logo on my gpu card lights up and the case lights came on but peripherals wont power up and the display wont display anything (checked that display is still working with my laptop). So immediately I got worried and tried plugging in my peripherals to other USB ports to try and wake the system still no power was being sent to my keyboard or mouse, as if the system was off. I then took the case apart and removed the power supply and reseated all cables and my gpu and ram (did not do cpu) and tried again. Same result nothing. Then i removed GPU entirely and used only 1 stick of RAM and tried to get a post from the built-in gpu. Tried removing sata cables and power, connected beeper and tested ram. No post codes or anything, Just fans spinning and lights on but no signal to monitor. Then I cleared cmos using both the battery removal trick and the pins on the motherboard. Still there is nothing happening. I tried in one last vein attempt and put the whole system back together and nothing happened.
I really need this computer for school and I am not looking forward to buying any parts unless i know they are the issue.
Any help you may have for me is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

All I can say is, try replacing each part with a temporary part. I had a motherboard being dead just recently, I tried every possible thing (tested all components) except two, motherboard and PSU, I was very very very sure the PSU wouldn’t be the issue and indeed it was the motherboard. (I refunded it without being sure but i had a feeling)

So … ye try putting in another PSU then if it still doesn’t work, another motherboard and so on.

But you say it works somewhat, right?
Did you try every display port? VGA;HDMI etc, do you have an iGPU? Can you use the motherboards display ports? Or did you try all that already?

I tried all that stuff and even got the some beep noises from the Mobo after trying to boot without RAM. It’s just so strange that the parts would die after only being in cold weather

How cold were the temperatures when you were gone? And how quickly did the room/PC warm up before you turned it on?

Honestly not even that cold! Maybe below 32F/0C but I doubt it and then the room was maybe 10C when I tried to turn it on

If it was me I would go down a list.

PSU works becuase fans power on and video card turns on
GPU might be broken unlikely because it lights up and GPU’s don’t just brake
Mobo is powering fans on.
CPU might be broke but unlikely as cold temps are good for cpus
I would say ram is the only thing get ram from some one else got to be ram

Remove any other none essential components when doing this

It could be possible that condensation formed somewhere when you turned it on, shorting something out. It sounds like it’s the motherboard though in any case. If you do get some beeps, try to record/write down the tones and check the manual or website to see if there is a specific error code.

This is what it sounds like to me. I think you should try hooking up to your legacy ports (VGA), and if that doesn’t work, then it’s your motherboard. Unlikely it’s RAM or PSU (since you got it to power on).

If you get a signal through your legacy port, then it’s your GPU or your pcie bus.

Believe it or not today I took the CPU off the socket to find a shit load of bent pins. I have no idea how they got there or how long they have been there since the computer was bought second hand from a friend. Said friend and I are baffled as to why the PC has bent pins. I’ll attach a picture to show what I am talking about. http://imgur.com/a/G9U9V

Ouch. Motherboard pins are a pain to fix.

Is the CPU damaged in any way, or is it just the motherboard pins?

You can try fixing the pins with small tweezers/pliers and a steady hand, but you may need to source a new motherboard.

Yeah I bit the bullet and bought a new motherboard. I had some money saved because i was hoping to upgrade the CPU. It’s just so ridiculous that the computer worked fine for so long with all those messed up pins!