Did i setup my Tv/Monitor Right?

So i am fairly new to Pc gaming, i just got a tower cause i cant fit a desk in my room, so i am connecting it to my 4k tv, and am using some wireless peripherals, but i feel that because i have my scaling up to 300% i think i may have done something wrong, is this normal or is there something that i am doing wrong, right now the only games i am playing are World of Warcraft, but in the future i may change that up. my Pc is an Acer Aspire GX-785-UR16 connected via HDMI to my LG 4K tv.

I used to have mine hooked up to a TV and didn’t have any problems with it other than I couldn’t get the colors quite right.

Are you noticing anything not looking the way it should? I’d say if everything looks fine, then you set it up correctly.

With my TV I had to set 125% scaling for text. 1080p is quite problematic with this one. But I made due with it.