Did I do okay with my Z270 Build?

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Been rocking this for over 8 month’s pre GTX 1080 Ti and I picked up both my GTX 1080 ASUS Strix’s at $650 each off of Amazon way before the huge mining inflation on or close to cyber monday transitioned to the I7 7700K from a previous X99 Board from ASUS which was super sweet and the i7 6850K which I had a pretty aggressive OC on at 15% all cores then forgot I had the profile on when I was doing a nice 9 hour grind session on WoW from 1 to 110 I made it then my PC shut right off and of course my poor lil 6 core was like why did you do that to me and I was like oops what a user error that was. I’ve since learned my lesson now have a nice stable OC’s on my 7700K and it’s not an agressive 15% just a mild 300 mhz boost to bring it up to 4.5ghz all cores starting and 5.0 on turbo and its super stable never even approaches 80C so I’m fine with that and then I have 32GB of Corssair LPX clocked at 2400MHZ that I plan on switching out for an Corsair RGB 64GB set at 3000MHZ after I finish getting SSD’s currently only have one Samsung 950 Pro m.2 NVME boot drive which I will be transitioning it into raid 0 samsung 960 pro’s 512GB and I have 2 samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD’s in Raid 0 plan on getting 3 more and then that with my Blu-Ray player and double gpu double m.2 with a AIO corsair liquid cooler was plan on picking up this monitor The 35” ROG Swift PG35VQ gaming monitor turns HDR and quantum dots up to 200Hz | ROG - Republic of Gamers Global

I currently have 2 ASUS rog swift 144hz 2560x1440 G-Sync monitors and the plan is to have those on the side of that mildly curved 3440x1440 200HZ quantum dot G-sync display for star citzen. My current GPU Setup is double GTX 1080’s in SLI with High Bandwidth SLI bridge from Nvidia and I was wondering if that would be enough to play that game at 60 FPS ultra Nividia surround at 8560x1440 my current benchmarks on Timespy using 3Dmark for Direct X 12 is 11550 no overclock.

So i have room to OC’s my GTX 1080’s a bit and I was worried that they wouldnt be quite enough but then i looked at the comparisons between these in sli and gtx 1080 ti’s in sli and there’s like a 2.8 to 10 frame difference between the two so it’s not really worth the $1800 jump if I have (and pretty sure I do just want to confirm) enough horsepower to do what I want to be doing.

You’re going to struggle to drive all three monitors at 60FPS with Ultra settings unless you plan to disable a lot of filtering features. If you doctor the settings a bit and don’t go overboard with filters (MSAA/AO/Sample size) than you could definitely get a playable experience, but don’t expect to just load up the Ultra preset and be good to go.

I count one period in three paragraphs, bruh…