Desk pc project

Not sure if this goes under blog or whatever but meh. Any ways, my best friend and I watched the LTT series on the desk pc he made. We have always wanted to have one but the buy one is way to much money. So we followed suit and are building them!

I’ll keep updating this as I get ahead in the project. Here it is so far



Thanks for sharing. I hope one day seeing things like this will kick into gear whatever creative abilities I have. I look forward to seeing more of this project. Congrats on the good work you have done thus far.

Slap a Lian Li sticker on it and boom, now worth $3000.


Nice. I’ve been wanting to build myself a desk PC ever since Lian Li showed us those fancy aluminum desks. Following this build.

If anyone is wondering the 140mm fan in the centre on the bottom is going to be behind the CPU. I didn’t want the motherboard sitting so close to wood with no air flow. Plus I am curios to see if it will cool the motherboard better and maybe even the CPU a degree or two?

That would an interesting test

Pulling hot air away from the mobo right? That’d be a great idea, might even cool the VRMs solder joints, might.

You bet. Pulling it off and out of the case. Didn’t want it heating up the wood too much.

Looks amazing so far. Planning on making it floating , with legs. Or side storage? Nice bike btw.

I got some legs for it from ikea. I’ll post a pic of them soon. Got some more work done so I got some to upload


Been working on the desk a bit. Mostly just filling stuff in with wood filler and sanding it smooth. Hopefully I will be able to paint in a day or two! Here are two pics for ya. The one is a old mobo i test fit on the standoffs that I put in and the other is with the top that i cut out yesterday.

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Got the a few coats of paint on yesterday. Here is the first one. I think I got a little too excited though cause I forgot to cut out the power/reset holes and the USB before I painted (face palm) oh well those are small and easy to do.


Got 4 coats of paint on and the fan filters. Cables came in the mail so here is a rough layout

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Dude it’s coming along nicely. What are you using for the top?

It’s called lexan. It’s like plexi glass but way less prone to scratches.

Hoping to have this all finished by tomorrow!



Damn, that is slick. Well done! What temps are you getting?

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So far the temps are the same as they where in a normal case.


Lookin’ great there. The legs are a whole lot better than what LTT did with theirs.

I hope you realise this looks better than what LTT did. It even maches the walls paint. This is some next level. Post it somewhere on a subreddit to get attention. It deserves.