Dell poweredge server

Hello. I’m inquiring about hardware upgrades dealing with fully buffered ecc ddr2-667 ram. Like what if there is 24 capacity sticks. What’s the highest ghz cpu I could upgrade to. Or just newer motherboard would be cheaper. It’s a u1 rack server. 6 slots of memory. Two hot-swapable drive bays. Drac controller. I think on top of that is a Dell graphics card. Definitely want to upgrade to two better performance ones. There’s two bridge cards one is empty. One has dell gpu. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Want to use it for gaming, like Minecraft with lots and lots of mods. Especially rivals vs rebels, carpenter, etc. And others like far cry 5 would be nice. BeamNG is definitely one of my favorites. Specific places for these parts would be nice. Still searching and the usual eBay and Amazon and Google just doesn’t cut it with what I am looking for. This is my first buy on a server. Its good. ( :