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DEA makes CBD an illegal schedule 1 drug


I know that this isn’t the crowd that will particularly care all that much about it, BUT! If you are not aware, CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. (Not THC.) People that benefit from using CBD are children/adults with epilepsy, cancer, and other painful complicated diseases. It can be smoked, eaten, injected, and absorbed into skin. As someone with epilepsy, I am absolutely appalled by this decision. As time goes on, our government is becoming more disgusting, irresponsible, and ignorant. What does this mean for the rest of the industry? Are they willing to throw away tax money for basic infrastructure that will benefit all Americans? Will they crack down on legal states? What are all of your opinions? https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/new-dea-rule-says-cbd-oil-really-truly-no-joke-illegal


At a guess, I’d say the big medical supply corporations have lobbied the government agency to pass this decision.


More than likely this sense it became completely legal in more states this election.


While that is true. The DEA is saying if you live in a boring illegal state like shitass Idaho, they will prosecute you. If you have lotion with CBD in it, to manage pain, you will go to court. For fucking lotion.


The problem is right there. PEOPLE benefit, not corporate pharmaceuticals. Why should people with these life-long ailments be able to use a natural, cheap alternative to their trademarked, copywritten and expensive chemical concoctions that usually have more side-effects than whatever it is the drug is supposed to be treating? Since CBD, THC, and the chemical structure of the marijuana plant cannot be trademarked and sold (they tried with that one synthetic THC drug, I can’t remember the name) pharma has no interest in it and only sees it as a detriment to their bottom line. So it’s only natural they will push the DEA with their huge coffers to keep people from using CBD. With many states now legalizing recreational, in addition to medical, more people will have access to marijuana and CBD products, potentially increasing the amount of people who reject pharmaceuticals. This isn’t about the DEA cracking down on weed and its products; it’s the pharmaceutical companies trying to protect their interests.


I agree with everything you’ve said. Also, Trump’s new cabinet is very against the Mary Jane/alternative medicine. I fear they will reverse the progress that so many people have worked on. Canada seems to be on the right track with weed but I am not very informed on Canadian politics. My biggest concern with Trump, or even if Hillary won, is that I think he will basically be a kid that starts up your game and deletes your save. While Trump himself cares very much about public opinion about himself, his cabinet doesn’t seem to care about the backlash of the eventual re-prohibition that they want. (Jeff Sessions) Over the past couple of years I’ve tapered off of any prescriptions that I was taking and now control things day to day with weed. I encourage people to do the same, if they can safely. Since I’ve been off of my anti-seizure medicine, I have no mood swings, dizziness, or a spike in sodium in my blood. I feel emotion now that I’ve been off of those shitty, toxic to your liver anti-depressants. I am rambling now, but my point is, when these things are denied to people for no reason, the issue needs to be talked about. The people need to stop talking about the oompa loompa’s tweets and start talking about the real issues. Medicine, privacy, technology, fucking global warming, our fucked election system, and other problems. This CBD thing hits home for me in so many ways. There are families that move to Colorado just to get treatment for their child with epilepsy. Big pharma CAN have resistance. The people can decide what they take. Something can be done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvwASmdTEOI


I swear the wrong people are in power, helps with anxiety and several other things and doesn’t even get you high, eh illegalis it.




This next video represents my sweet, buttery smooth rage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGl-cs1YErQ


Legalization was an electoral promise for Trudeau. Now that he’s in office, he’s taking his sweet time with it, and tries to never mention it unless someone explicitly asks him about it in front of a camera.
Meanwhile, some folk in Montréal didn’t bother to wait for the law to pass and opened a bunch of weed stores illegally, “because it’s going to be legalized soon anyway”. They of course got busted and Coderre went and commented the arrest pretty much like this : “there’s going to be a law anyway, so respect the current law until Ottawa officially decides it isn’t a crime anymore”.
So yeah, expect legalized weed to be a thing Canada-wide (and not just in Vancouver) anywhere between 2017 and whenever-the-next-federal-election-will-be.
And they wonder why people are cynical towards federal politics…