D u s t f l o w

Hi Guys,

I am planning a new build and need some airflow advice, the new case is the evolv ATX Glass edition trading out my non glass edition.

I am aware from previous building in this chassis the airflow ain’t great so need some advice as my room is dust prone as hell, I have to hoover and dust every week and hoover out the front dust gaurd from the evolv atx intake every week from steady build up.

So lets talk positive/ negative pressure!

I think I am right in saying I need more exhaust than intake as this will in essence suck out the dust?

For those not familiar with the chassis it has 3x120 intakes or 2 x 140
3x 120 exaust from the roof (with limited airflow) or 2x 140mm
and 140mm rear exaust

As per Bitwits recent video I am going to mount my 240mm AIO rad in the front, but what about the rest? just max out them all as exhaust?

If you have a lot of dust, then you want to try and achieve Positive pressure, maybe more intake have a dust filters on them.
But due limited airflow on the roof, you could go all with exhaust and have them running at a lower speed.

You will always get dust.

I have had the best luck with cases that have dust guards on the intake fans. Usually the front and bottom fans like the PSU or optional fan in front of the PSU have a dust guard which can easily be cleaned without opening the entire case.

With this in mind, I like to use the top, rear and side door fans as exhaust fans. Most of the dust gets caught on the intake filters. I still use compressed air inside every month to make sure everything is optimal.

I still use air coolers on the CPU because I personally don’t find water to be worth the trouble, even the all-in-one units which get a lot of dust in the fins. Large 2 fan and 3 fan CPU coolers are sufficient for my needs.