Crit.TV - Team - Wallpapers....?

When watching the show I often gawp beyond Logan or Justin at the team’s monitors as there are often interesting looking wallpapers which I would love to get my hands on!

Crit Team - Where do you get your wallpapers and would you be “game” for putting together a wallpaper pack for D/L?

Kind Regards

Well I know @imaximus made quite a few with the RTW logo on them. Which I could pull from the old forum but still.

I don’t know about Logan but I get some of mine from interfacelift. If I have some time today, I can whip up some wallpapers.

I’m pretty sure Logan has said he gets his from DeviantArt.

From the other forum in regards to backgrounds:

I grab some on 4chan, some on reddit, most on deviant art. I have been getting a bunch here:

Thanks all! Those suggestions provided bountiful results!

You could also search google images with the exact resolution you want. It works well for 4k