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Crit / Tek Syndicate Game Servers?


I understand Crit has a Discord channel with a lot of members on it; but I didn’t see any implications that Crit / Tek Syndicate has any official gaming servers. I was wondering if anyone in this community has a server up for any games such as: Minecraft, Arma, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Distance, Chivalry, etc. (MMO Guilds are also cool).

If not, does Crit have any gaming events online and how would I be able to find out about them?

Thanks again.


We are getting an upgrade soon and should be able to (maybe) run a server out of our place or possibly at the hub downtown. I won’t have time to be the main admin though… We should get more into gaming together. I’ve been doing a lot of co-op gaming lately (trine, ghost recon, divinity, etc.) and it’s plenty fun.


Not much going on these days here but

Is going to happen, sometime, in the future.

I think there was a Minecraft server, but that’s closed iirc.

There is a steam group

Not sure how active it is, or if official anymore, looks kinda dead too.

@Logan would be the one to ask, I can’t find any new posts on the subject.
(And my net is shit so I guess he already commented on the subject)


I might be able to to help setup that server and help get some people up to speed to manage it that would be available.


i would set up a server… but i have only 10mb up speed so i cant : /
oh well. Perhaps could grab a digitalocean or something …but then what to use it for… hmm.\

Age of Empires 2 server?

Or Neverwinter nights …


I don’t think AOE2 allows for dedicated servers. Does it?


i know i can set up lans & stuff. havent played with it over the internets.

Neverwinter Nights though … that could be fun :smiley:


We’ve discussed doing maybe some tournies but a few dedicated servers/lobbies would be fun. Logan tends to be spontaneous so as of late I’d just keeps your ears open and you should see something at some point!


These things are tricky. I’ve seen huge communities getting there own server for games only to see them die very quickly. I think it would really have to be a game the majority of the community wants to play and agrees on first before going through the trouble of setting it up. If it does take off and people love it, renting a dedicated server from a site would be best in the long run so you don’t have to have one running from the office 24/7. Also, it’s a hassle. If anything goes wrong with it someone will constantly have to have access to it for server resets and issues. Seeing how busy you guys are at the office I think it would be pain more than pleasure.


I’ll keep checking up on the gaming category on this forum for any new information or news regarding community events or servers. I do hope to try to play with you guys sometime.


Would be nice to even just have the steam group active/supported to all group up and play or has discord kinda filled that role?


I suppose a steam group could work. I haven’t seen to many people in discord using the voice channels yet but we are trying to get some events happening soon. Maybe some tournaments and just casual hanging out, having some beers and playing stuff.


there is a TS one, but it has no love.

I like steam groups as you can make events and what not. Easy to disseminate info…well if you use steam anyway