Crit Show | Episode 0001

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Welcome to the first episode of The Crit Show! If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be releasing one of these bad boys weekly every Saturday. This week we go through some hardware and game news, check out the Oregon Trail card game with Justin - and Logan answers some Inbox questions! Make sure to send in next week’s questions at [email protected] !

Oregon Trail Board Game:

0:00 - Welcome to the first episode of The Crit Show!
0:20 - Squarespace ad
0:50 - EVGA cards on FIRE?!
3:30 - Zen benchmarks leaked?
5:22 - Qualcomm swallows another company
5:40 - Amazon wants cops to have personal drones
8:35 - Justin and Logan take over
8:51 - Bought CoD on another platform and want to play with your friends? HA!
10:38 - Steam Store requiring only screenshots in previews
12:05 - New Tomb Raider in the works
14:11 - Analog Time with Justin
18:29 - ad
18:52 - Logan’s Inbox [email protected]
19:50 - Question from Alex: R9 290 or RX 470?
20:51 - Question from Emmett: New music?
21:32 - Steve Madden is sorry. (It’s really okay, bud. -Hutch)
22:00 - Question from Avery: WTF IS CRIT.TV?!
23:00 - Question from Pestilence: New Zealand?
23:55 - Question from Justin M: Still going to do hardware?
(What the hell does Logan mean by “Culture”? Frequently Asked Questions (Crit TV Launch) )
25:35 - Community member taking feedback.


You sounded like keemstar at the beginning of this.
It gave me shivers down my spine.

Oh god no!


That’s funny. My GTX 780 had a part go up in smoke in a similar area to where that 1080 went up in that video. I can’t claim my card caught fire cause I didn’t SEE it, but I sure could smell it!

It was under the head sinc near the rear of the car a few inches from the power connectors.


@Logan is that a new jacket? Also the back drop looks nice.

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Covering ‘hardware’, and the ‘tech-lifestyle’ gives Crit TV a much broader perspective (and appeal) to the viewer both new, and old.

Please don’t do it again it might give me a heart attack

In all honesty I cant disagree, but it wasn’t that bad.

@Logan that light bulb in the background looks amazing. Carbon filament?

Ooo and I see that 64oz growler in the background.

Hipster filament.

-Logan 2016

Shots fired.

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That’s it… everything is cancelled!


Every week we will be showing off a new board game or indie game

Maybe do that for WASD?


Ooo hold on, a show in a show? I like it.

Now I’m 19 minutes and its just went inbox mode.

Tek+WASD+inbox=this show. This thing is all over the place.

A more relaxed and entertaining show :+1: but thats just my oppinion, I liked the old stuff but the new stuff is good too, its nice with a refresh… its just like getting a new computer

Did you watch the intro? lol.

Glad to see you are back up and moving again, perhaps it will be a good change as reviews of hardware seems so common and the idea of going back to the roots is an interesting one.

yeah i did…

I liked it. Entertaining and it didn’t drag on and lose me at any point.

Is this the new format or is it just a temp one until other shows get their own space?

I like the 30 minuet to 45 minuet length videos, any longer then that and I have never been able to watch the full thing because my mind starts to wonder off to other things and I lose interest.

All news about the channel has made me excited to see what’s next. Will you be including sexual board games as well?


Nice to see that you go back to your original content. But remember, we are still enthusiasts and we love hardware - specially exotic hardware. Like the Galax(y)/KFA2 Hall of Fame cards. Focus on that hardware, stuff that is not on every other tech channel. Same with korean monitors. Generally asian things seem to get out there and kick ass right now :wink:

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YES YES YES! (I’m dancing flinging my arms around), Crit Tv I love it. I loved the feel and vibe of the very first episode. The old table and Edison bulb threw me though lol. A little hipsterish for Logan I thought, but hey it’s a redirected focus. Overall I’m very excited for the future of this channel! GO CRIT TV! :smiley: