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Creating a Custom Display | Build Help



Hey all! I’m phoning in some help here; I’m trying to do a mod where I take an iMac G3 (tangerine orange, baby) - take out the internal components, and replace it with modern counterparts.

The goal is to have it finished by PDXLAN’s 2019 fall event.

Problem is - I’m trying to figure out what to do about the display situation.

I am thinking about two routes:

  1. Find a monitor, take the panel out of its housing and retrofit it to the case
  2. Source a panel straight from a manufacturer/repair vendor, pair it with a controller, and retrofit it to the case

A few thoughts with this:

  • If I were to go and stick with the 4:3 / 13" screen route, a lot of monitors in that aspect ratio and size don’t have modern specs that we’d like to have in our gaming setups. I’m taking this bad boy to LAN - I want it to look crispy.
  • Alternatively, if I can find JUST the panel that is small enough with better specs - I’d go that route. A lot of gaming laptops are great sources of panels (high refresh rate, small form factor, resolution, etc) - but the problem is then sourcing a controller necessary to make it work in conjunction with my desktop components.

I’ve been doing some digging on panelook.com and been seeing that there are some different panels on there (like this one would be just plain stupid but fun) but can’t make sense of the different interfaces needed to make these run.

Any display pros in here able to provide me with some guidance?