CPU bottleneck?

Sooo i went from a 2600k and 780 in sli, system was awesome didnt really notice bottleneck gpu were usually at like 60-70% some time upper 90s, and then really started to pay attention to cpu load and noticed my cpu load was at 100% and gpus were at like 40-50% or 60-70% and from my understanding if the cpu is maxed and gpu are not then the cpu is the bottleneck… so went out upgraded to i5 7600k overclocked to 4.7ghz 12gb ram at 2400mhz 500gb ssd and 2 780 in sli and still same results cpu is maxed out to 100% and gpu are at 60-70% load

i know my 780s are less “powerfull” than a 1080 and i know a i5 7600k doesnt bottle neck a 1080 so… is it a bottleneck or is it the sli? im at a loss as to why my gpu are never really at 90%+ which i feel like my fps isnt where it should be

both. SLI/Crossfire have higher cpu usage in order to get the same amount of work done graphically. I’ve noticed up to 20% more cpu usage in systems with multi card configs versus a single card that performs similarly. Additionally there is also the possibility that some of the games you are playing aren’t the best optimized for SLI, not all games are able to keep SLI at 100%, or even use it at all.

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