Cpu advice help

i want to buy new computer i saw 1800x many people say it good for the price and it less expensive then x99 that is 1000 dollers and i like to do everything on my computer and adobe autodesk stream?

is there difference if i got 144 monitor and i get 80 or 120 in amd and little more in intel like only small percent more and if i play higher resolution they both kinda match but people lower resolution to get higher of fps but if i buy expensive 1440 or 4k to lower resolution is kinda stupid if it has 144 hz but lower fps?

how many games goes higher then 144 hz and will you notice the differences and with out the fps counter on the games?

i hear some videos of person saying intel is better for work as music production that there faster and both have the same 8 and 8 cores is there difference vs software problems or limits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj57X_WDojc

X99 is really for work station stuff. So is 1800x.

I would hold out for the 1600x which is coming out shortly. If you can’t wait I’d say get an i5 and a powerful GPU with the 120-144hz 1080p monitor. Don’t waste your money on a 8 core cpu.
The main thing about the higher Mhz monitors is having Freesync or G-Sync. If you get an AMD or Nvidia card you shell out the extrea $$$ for the corresponding monitor. What it does is matches the refresh rate to your GPU so you will get smooth viewing, less stuttering, and less jaggedness when you turn fast.

Others play for the pixels/graphics and moderately competitive @ 1440p/4k 60hz. I mean I still get like crazy fps 1440p Elite Dangerous.

A CPU is for CPU work. They don’t have any difference in the X86 market.

Yeah an 1800X is great, but that also makes the system really expensive. I would do a 1700 and wait a month or two for the next mobo revisions so that you can OC better.

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i do some times do adobe phothoshop or preimere or autodesk or stream and i like 1440 and 4k and i may get a 1800x 350 320 dollers

I’d do the cheaper chip. Photoshop isn’t that heavy nor are video editors TBH. Anything C2D T73XX and newer is a good video rig. The 1700 is pretty ridiculous already. Get that and have more money for SSD’s or a second GPU (do AMD for HSA, it helps streams a LOT).

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I actually am wating for R5, especially the 1600X. Content Creation, yeah, it will take a few minutes longer to render a video, but if you don’t to that for a living…who actually cares? Streaming and Gaming is still enough with it, and it gets Boost Clocks up to 4 GHz, so it should get to 4 GHz with a decent Overclock.

The new Silicion isn’t really overclockable (but that was the same when Intel switched to 14 nm…so, nothing really new), i guess you’d have to wait to Ryzen 2. But it’s plenty enough and in games it actually sometimes will probably be faster than the R7s.

Also, i’m waiting until the lazy ass Mainboard manufactures finally catch up to the AGESA Code AMD has given out months ago…also, mITX. Or at least decent µATX…i actually want more space to build, because i frequently move things around in my case, reroute cables, and so on…

So best advice: Wait a few more weeks and see, how good R5 holds up. Remember, AM4 is going to be around for the next 4 Years, if not longer, so you may be able to just upgrade to something “bigger” this year.

btw: pretty much every new monitor with DisplayPort 1.2a can do FreeSync, even if it’s not really written on the box. I just bought a cheap ass 1440p Acer Monitor and it can do FreeSync, just because of the DP Specifications. And it does work, you can see the difference^^