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Core i5-6600K hits all time low and Elder Scrolls Online Gold $20 off at Launch


Originally published at: http://tek.website/core-i5-6600k-hits-all-time-low-and-elder-scrolls-online-gold-20-off-at-launch/
The cheapest Core i5-6600K and i7-6700K pop up this week at Monoprice while The Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Edition has a $20 off launch discount and more this weekend in Deals.

If you’re on the hunt for a new CPU Monoprice is the retailer of choice, and oddly you need not check their own retail website. Prices are actually lower on their eBay page and feature drops on the Core i5-6600K to $209.99 and the i7-6700K to $299.99 - both at their historic lows. It’s particularly hot for the i5-6600K since the much weaker i5-6600 non-K sells for $519+ elsewhere online.

If you’ve ever thought about jumping into The Elder Scrolls Online now is the cheapest time to ever do so and get all the content the game has to offer. Today Bethesda launched the TESO Gold Edition AND there’s even an impressive $20 discount if you know where to look. While Bethesda is pricing the Gold Edition (base game + 4 DLC expansions) at $59.99, GMG put the game on their site for $49.99 AND has a 20% discount to $39.99. The two price reductions essentially stack for a full $20 drop to $39.99. Quite impressive for its release day. As with all deals at GMG these days, be sure to login or create an account to see the full discount, otherwise you’ll only see 15% off.




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