Computer Mug Coasters, Who uses what? (thanks to Logan)

Has Logan started a trend since he started using a dead (maybe) GPU as a coaster for his Mug.
I now find I use a “lying around doing nothing” WD Caviar HDD for one (small desktop) and I have noticed on other channels that they have adopted this trend too. Anyone else doing this?


I used to use a WD Black that was throwing a fit.

Now I just use an O2 for my H2O.

I’m pretty Logan was the first to utilise old hardware for coasters.

Daily driver of course.


Mine is the EVGA 9800 gtx +

I never use a coaster and my mom, when I lived at home or am visiting at her house, always has had to remind me to use one.

This makes me wish I still had my old BFG tech 8800 GTX that spontaneously went popcorn on a hot summer day in 2008, or the 9800 GTX they sent as replacement and that died right after the company went bankrupt (but hey, lifetime warranty…).

I wonder by how long their product could have outlasted their company. Probably not by much.

BFG made the best coasters.

I upgraded to a transformer more than meets the eye

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I loled hard.

Carbon fiber reinforced 3D printed RTW logo signed by Logan, Wendell, and Qain (took it to LAN Syndicate)

currently resides on desk as coaster (duh)