Compute Stick

So im looking at Compute Sticks for Calendar and Web Browsing. I’ve found 2 and I want to know which is better. I live in Australia so stuff is kinda expensive.

Option 1: Intel W10 Atom Z8300 2/32gb. Cost $165. Looks alright but ive heard it can be fairly slow due to windows.

Option 2:Azulle Access Plus 4/32gb. Cost 215. Looks better but is also more expensive.

Or is there anything else that is good without being too expensive.

We actually did a video on the Azulle Access Plus. Same model you’re looking at.

I used it personally for a little PC to sit beside the test bench for downtime use. It was great for anything from playing videos to downloading necessary drivers for hardware I was testing. The worst part about it is the power cord is only about 3’ which limits your positioning of the device unless you’ve got it on a HDMI extension (M-F cable). Otherwise it offered what I consider to be “good enough” performance for daily use.

I did test it’s gaming capabilities and it managed to run Enter The Gungeon (2D top-down bullet hell, lots of particles) at 720p well enough with a little bit of slowdown when a ton of things were on screen such as multiple explosions and the likes.

All that said I believe it and the Intel W10 share the CPU and iGPU so the only selling point of the Azulle is the extra 2GB DRAM. I think having the extra RAM is worthwhile simply because you don’t have to worry about program or tab management. It’s pretty hard to make it chug with 4GB, the CPU will bog down first if anything.