Community Gaming and Livestreams

I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in Discord - and I think we’d like to take more time to be more involved with the community.

Why don’t we plan a day of the week where the crew is in the office and we play games with everyone? If this sounds alright, what kind of games do you think we should play? What are good multiplayers that are widely owned?

First one that came to mind are games like TF2 (it’s free to play and source servers are easy to setup).

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Up for it, if there’s definitive set time. (Due to timezone differences and planning involved).

But keep in mind the max player count of the games, TF2 has 32, right?

Yeah, I think so? Which isn’t bad, I suppose. Not many games go bigger then that though.

Just saying, so that you won’t pick a game with 5 players max :stuck_out_tongue:

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may be necroing this thread but it seems really interesting
I’m doing a community based stream on fridays, perhaps can make a thread and have people hop in it from here as well?
The current community that’s in it now is the one surrounding the LAN show I host.
So if anyone wants to also join in i can make a thread here too :smiley:
So far it’s being set for fridays at 7-11 pm CST.

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