Community Battlestation Videos (OR and WA - for now!)

Hey all! We’d like to start a video series that showcases your rigs/gaming setups in your home. I think one of my favorite places on the internet is /r/battlestations - so many cool setups to see! But no one shows these off in video form. So we’d like to change that. :slight_smile:

So do you live in the Pacific Northwest and have a rig/setup you want to show off? Let me know!

Edit: Let me be clear, you don’t need to have an elaborate, crazy setup! Just really needs to look good and be unique to you.


Ugh all my pics are to large I will have to trim them

Imgur is a free source you can use and repost 'em here if you want :smiley:

Cool I’ll link my Imgur. I also tweeted you a super short video

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For those wondering - Rage sent us this:

Looks flippin’ sweet! Mind if I ask where you’re at? If you’re not comfortable with that, PM?


I am just north of Seattle on the east side

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What part of the world are you located, atleast? We plan on hitting up other regions as well.

Detroit metro area

That’s a whole friggin’ battle room.

I love it.

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if you feel like going to ND :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks amazingly comfy :3

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This is the RIg


I want to live in this room

Audio game is on point

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Your rig? Where you located?

Was just posting a close up of my pc from the video I tweeted you

My rig is pretty basic in a lot of ways but I do a lot with it and it suits me very well.

Sorry for potato cam.

I have a guest bed in there at the moment but hopefully that area will be music creation related stuff soon.

I was super happy that I was able to pull off the black and white theme with my peripherals, especially the monitor :slight_smile:

Bonus points: the area I sit in is large enough to have a room-scale VR setup with the vive :smiley:

I’m in SE PDX if you want to check it out.


This is awesome! :smiley: Specs?


  • Bitfenix Prodigy Case with aftermarket front grill for cooling
  • i5 4670
  • CM Hyper 212 - I actually took the fan off to decrease noise and my temps are fine
  • Silencer 3 500w PSU - swapped out the fan in this for a quiet noctua one
  • Gigabyte h87n mini ITX mobo
  • Asus GTX 770
  • 16 GB crucial RAM
  • Mushkin Reactor 1 TB SSD
  • Crucial M4 512GB SSD
  • 2x 3TB Hard drives
  • Blu ray player
  • Mini pcie firewire card (for connecting a firewire mixer) - I actually cut a hole in my case to mount these ports since it’s a mini-itx rig

Operating systems: I triple-boot Ubuntu 16.10 (using this as primary OS whenever possible), Mac OS X El Capitan (primarily for music creation purposes) and Windows 10 (for gaming and work)


  • Quickfire TK white keyboard
  • Zowie EC2 mouse
  • TS Mousepad
  • Logitech c920 webcam
  • Creative T12 speakers
  • Audinst HUD-MX1 DAC / Headphone amp
  • AKG Q701 monitoring headphones with Antlion Modmic 4.0 (yay for local companies!)
  • PS4 controller
  • Android phone dock
  • HTC vive w/ controllers and room-scale lighthouse boxes

Planned upgrades:

  • i7 4970k
  • 1080 ti?
  • 4k monitor - 32" if no good 40 inchers come out soon, but 40" preferred
  • legit studio monitors, electronic drums, behringer x32 mixer
  • Swapping bed out for futon
  • Mounting monitor on an arm so that it can be flipped 180 degrees to face the futon for couch gaming, making fun of people playing VR, and connecting the computer to the music creation area

My ‘battlestation’ actually extends to the living room too… I’ll make that a second post.

Some more pics…

Since I only have a mobo with a half-size mini PCIe slot I had to get creative to have firewire ports… I have a 1/2 size PCIe to full size PCIe riser card connected with a ribbon cable and attached to the inside of the case with double sided tape. The riser has a full size mini PCIe Firewire card in it, with the ports mounted to the back of the case. I had to dremel a hole in the case to access the ports.

Here is the 1/2 size mini PCIe riser board in my mobo:

Connected to the riser board here, with the firewire card inserted into it (yellow cable is from my PSU for extra power):

Terminating with ports mounted here:

The USB cable sticking out of the backplate is actually how my blu ray player connects to the computer… I ran out of SATA ports on the mobo XD

I have the port replicator for the HTC Vive mounted to the desk with velcro so that the giant VR cable is in the middle of the room and the cables are mostly out of the way:

Thanks to steam in home streaming and one very long ethernet cable, I enjoy streaming 106 inches of Rocket League glory to my living room to the Macbook Pro I use as an HTPC:

The desk the computer is on has a bunch of PS4 controllers charging up inside the drawer.

This HTPC computer is connected via a USB extension cable and an HDMI cable to a second workstation area in a room behind the living room. You can see that it’s mirroring the display output going to the projector. This is my wife’s work from home standing desk ‘battlestation’:

She is super into her corsair RGB keyboard :slight_smile:

Anyway that’s my ridiculous three-room technology setup!

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