Color schemes

I’m not so good with the colors… This purple and orange thing is kinda odd. Anyone have any suggestions?

That’s what I’m working with now.



I’m purple… so we have this purple orange thing… people help! lol.

just move all the colors towards the greyscale, like a grey pastel lol i duno.

I really liked the blue that was going on a couple hours back.

the color scheme right now looks just fine in my oppinion

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I’m enjoying the present colour scheme too Logan.

I think it would be cool for the colors to change based off of season or other things going on with the channel. :evergreen_tree:

I like the scheme, though the font’s white is a bit “too” white imo. Maybe if we could tone it down a bit that would help with reading longer texts. (something like #e2e2e2)

Gotta have the orange somewhere. A nod to the Orange Box.

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I like the orange and purple, you could always look to the backdrop image for colours, it actually already has orange and purple in it. You can do a range of different colour schemes based off the backdrop, like choosing colours from it and use what’s opposite on the colour wheel (Complimentary colours) or you could try split complimentary which is where you get one colour, red for instance, and then get the complimentary which is green. once you have the complimentary colour you choose the two colors on each side of it. Adversely you could just use the colours straight from the backdrop, it’s your choice man.

Maybe switch it to a more analogous theme? Something like grey/orange/yellow?

I don’t know, I’m not into color theory. I just really like it when there’s a primary color (like the current grey), a primary accent (like the current orange), and then a secondary accent used for the little things.

As-is though I think the current color scheme is plenty good.

I think it looks great the way it is makes me feel like it’s Halloween.

We can keep the purple and the orange. Just need the right colors.

I think this looks pretty good: Purple Orange Color Palette

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Hell yeah, purple and orange are my school colors

Would you consider putting a white border around the Die? It would make it easier on the eyes and i use it kind of like a home button. Thanks.


@logan are you looking to match what is in the discord?

No complaints about the color scheme thus far. Everything is pretty easy on the eyes and I like white and black as the main colors and the orange looks right with the white and black.

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