Clearing The Air: Logan's Final Statement Regarding the Tek Syndicate Drama

Thanks for this response, Logan.

I personally didn’t pay much attention to the background drama that went on, as I figured we’d get some official info sooner or later. I was more saddened that you and Wendell were moving in different directions, BUT, I believe the community did benefit as we now have two tech related channels we can enjoy! :smile:

I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming content you have planned. Best of luck on everything!

your making them out of stock you prick XD i need one

bruh they were out of stock a long time ago

there was the factory reselling them in India for a while, dont know how that went besides logan not getting reimbursed

I just signed up on the new site now for the first time specifically to say that I am glad this video was put out and feel it was done in a good way. I hate to see all of the private information that was effectively stolen and leaked with ill intent, but I’m glad to finally have a clearer picture of what went down so I can dismiss the bits and pieces of hearsay that I did happen to catch in passing.
While I miss the combo of yourself and Wendel, I also like the direction currently being pursued and will continue to enjoy the content as it is released. Keep on keeping on, I look forward to things evening out for the channel!
As an aside, is there still any intention on putting out a ‘How to Smart Home without Google or Amazon spying on you’ video? Because I know I’m still super interested :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the video, I can definitely relate to it. @Logan, is there a way to PM about a Lan Syndicate questions (still a new user status on this forum [been on the other one for a while])?

Just to clear the air. I have heard a few things in discord about the car stuff. I have never really kept an opinion on this whole thing. And yes I am still in contact from time to time with Wendell, Jenn, and Qain. And my contact has simply been how you doing. And a host of a stream here and there. I have kept it simple and at arm’s length with everyone. And I just talked to Rooster last night. Think he still does not know what to think. And even asked what we in chat thought about all of this. And I just told him I don’t think anything about this.

My only take on the whole thing was that it seemed disjointed or disconnected company from the outside. Of course I did not have all the facts and never really came to any conclusions or cared to.

So time to share with the community. So first time I meet Logan in person was PDX Lan November of 2015. We did not interact much. I modded some older channels of his but first time we meet in person. I was there helping run and stream for the Fractal Design booth with Josh. We hung out in somebody’s room with Jerry, Jay, Steve and Josh. Then went down stairs to the hotel lobby. And shared a drink of some really old whisky. Everyone seemed cool and outgoing.

Toward the end of the Lan I made sure to stop Logan and thank him for his content. For those of you that don’t know. I lost my wife a few years ago to cancer. In that tough time I started watching youtube a lot. And found tek syndicate. I like the style of it. And felt I learned something useful in a few videos here and there. It even peeked my interest to learn how to start making content of my own. Even some community members would share my videos and subbed and for that thank you. I enjoyed it so much.

Then January of last year my Mom was rushed to the hospital. Turned out she had stage 4 cancer. It brought back a lot of old demons. I was saving up money to attend Lan Syndicate in Seattle. But that put a damper on things. The ticket thing got closed down. And I was SOL. I told a friend Steve about it. And think he talked to someone after that. Sorry Logan if you did not want people to know this. But Steve and Jenny said just show up and we have a place for you. That meant a lot because I could get away from this situation for just a few days. What you guys did not know. When I got there. Logan gave me his own bed at a Air B&B. I have no clue where he stayed after that. But this does not come off as a guy that is evil in anyway. So I have a hard time believing all the rumors and shit. It has been a tough 2016 and having that experience and others like PDX helped me cope with the situation.

I know what it’s like to have drama and issues with this stuff. When I was in the army I had to separate friendship from the workplace. I even lost some friends over it. It’s a tough line to skate with some people. Even with the youtube thing I am doing now. I tried to do a collab with someone I considered a friend this year. I lent them $200 I really did not have to spend. They went off and bought dumb shit with it. He did later as a sorry pay be back double. And we are in good terms again. But learned to never work professionally with him.

You may also know that I mod Awesome Hardware every week. And I have been hearing how Paul and Kyle take advantage of me because they don’t pay me or something. Or that I am also payed off to help them with the store links or what not. This is all bullshit. I just really like their content and wanted to help them grow. I take no money from them. Kyle gave me a old Z87 ITX board once to help with a build. But tha is it. And as far as I am concerned they owe me nothing. And I enjoy watching their channels grow and sometimes feels good thinking I have small part in that.

There are too many trolls,asshats and drama makers out there. I even pulled backed on modding and helping people with their channels for these reasons. It was just too much bullshit to deal with in a shitty year. This year is starting out better already. Mom seems to be ok and recovering from her second surgery. And I am trying to save money and move to start something new. Don’t know really what yet. But we will see where it goes.

Crit TV and Logan seems to be in the same boat this year. So wish you good luck. And best wishes. Sorry for the long post.


Good on you for this video.

From hearing all the drama, none of it really made any sense to me. And this sort of confirms my suspicions.

I only hope to see more tech project videos in the future they were always fun to me. Either way, I’ll continue to stick around to see what happens.

Logan, thanks for the video, it means a lot to hear you finally clear the air. As a long time viewer (4 years now) that whole situation just really sucked. Most of us didn’t really know what to think or where to place all the emotions that came along with it. All the anger, frustration, and feelings of betrayal had to go somewhere, and for some it seemed to go toward “witch hunting” you. I hope we can move forward as a community and start working toward some bigger and better things.

To adjust the mood a bit, here’s some kick ass fucking metal from the singer of Kataklysm’s side project. The album comes out next week!

@Logan I watched the video… most of that folder was my doing. idk how you got the entire thing I witheld most of it only 2 or 3 people had the whole thing. Qain gave me the finances and tbh i’m pretty pissed he used me the way he did. Anyways, things have gotten a lot better in my life since then and the obsession is gone, i’m doing healthier things and i’m ‘going outside’, I hope things get better for you too.


Glad to see this video. I hope that people ease up after this. Or if for whatever reason, people can’t let it go… hopefully they just leave. I never posted in the community back when it was TekSyndicate. I missed the boat back then, However, I am glad to be part of Crit. The people here are down to earth and really cool. I hope others can enjoy Wendell’s content, as well as Crit.

Wow man. Takes courage to admit that. Just so you don’t feel alone here. I will tell you that he tried to reach out to me the day this all went down. I told him I did not want to know. Had nothing to do it me. But it is a learning experience. And let’s just wipe the slate clean and start over again.


we should all really do that, I hate the community divide.


Ian (Qain) has certainly betrayed the trust of everyone, and sullied his reputation with us all (which is a shame)

But let us all move on, I’m certainly here to support Logan, and the Crit Team in the long-term.

Still not taking a side. Just starting over

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Sorry to hear that this subject is still floating around the channel. It’s February 2017 and it really shouldn’t be a topic.

I feel for how it’s affected the channel and personal lives, it’s really a strange, surreal experience. To be honest, I had my suspicions about the disruption because I went through something similar in the past. I ran a large writing group in my local area for several years, and things went haywire really fast. Being under a microscope and trying to get control of things in the right way, but only seeing things snowball is something I can relate to. Surreal is probably the best word to describe it.

I’ve loved the content, loved the energy, and hope to see only good things for the future of Crit.

Hustin/Juch: “private company data” → PornHub. I’m not fooled, man.

I never really cared much about the drama. I’ve seen some speculation on a few corners of the internet, but it’s static, nothing more. Everyone always thinks they can do your job better than you can, but few of them ever actually get off their mother’s couches and on their feet. Bless them. That said, that folder shouldn’t have existed, and it’s nauseating to think that so much of your private life is now public property. I for one give the lesser of two shits what any of you spend your money on, so long it at least meets an acceptable quota of hookers, balloons and strong liquor - though I don’t doubt that. Just keep doing what you’re doing, things will blow over soon.

And I’d totally hang out with that guy too.


All that cussing and screaming I did to make my point, I was ignored and berated, by you soulfallen and several others, to find out I was right. I think Logan should smack you guys in the head with a limp tuna.


I wouldn’t object.

So glad you have gotten this out of your system. Just joined the forum and I’m more than ready for new content!