Clearing The Air: Logan's Final Statement Regarding the Tek Syndicate Drama
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Here is my statement on the drama. I should have done this a long time ago, but I did not know all the information that had been given to the audience. It’s saddening that so many things were made public in an attempt to harm me or Tek Syndicate. I would say that whomever released such documents was wishing to cause harm and they are not a friend of the community. I believe most of it to be spin, petty, hearsay, etc.

I could have been better at keeping records, managing the books, keeping accounts separate, and communicating. Lessons leaned. Every word, every post, everything I did was analyzed under a microscope. It was interesting from an observational standpoint, but the drama has severely harmed our ability to conduct business, create content.

For those of you who keep pointing out that I took down the website. Yes, I did take it down. I was changing every password due to my worries regarding Qain. I could not change the Cloudflare password, so I emailed them and they told me to simply create a new account… However, in haste I messed up the IP address on the DNS. After this I chalked it up to serendipity (since I did warn the trolls that I would take the site offline until they calmed down with the hate) and went to bed. So, yes I did warn to take it down and then took it down… But the spin is wrong. I have included my conversation/email with Coudflare in the supporting documents.

I know I am not blameless, but this should not have been a public matter and I should not have been defamed/slandered/shamed. I never wanted to harm the audience and I never wanted to damage those who I worked with. At this point I have taken enough damage and it’s time to take a closer look at this stuff.

Here are some supporting documents:

I do not care to go on regarding this. If you are still upset or are still obsessing over things I recommend you take a step back, try to see the big picture, realize this was a smear campaign that worked. Most of the allegations are pure spin and many are merely shaming or completely irrational. I am sorry many were fooled and I regret this dragged on so long.

If you do not like the new direction of our channel, that is fine. I ask you to try to separate that from the drama. Things change. I like our new direction and I know some do not. It’s OK to move on, things are different now and that is how they are going to be.

Now, let’s get back to content, lan parties, stunts, events, and focusing on the community! Lastly, I really want to continue with some Tek Syndicate flavored content and I am going to hire some local people to help with that as soon as funds allow for it. I’ll keep my focus on the big picture stuff, but I do love builds, hacks, etc.


I think the real sad thing is that people still have to talk about this and you have to go on defending youself still. As I have said many times. Shit happens and its in the past. Move on. People need to stop bringing it up and talking shit over it.



A lot of respect for you Logan in creating this video-insight, in Australia we’d call you a bloke who is ‘fair dinkum’, and a top bloke.

Sad to hear Ian (Qain) had stolen equipment from you, I had some admiration for him, sadly that has vanished.

I love the new direction that your new channel, and forum is taking.

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tbf the forum was on a witch hunt, just sayin


I honestly think that a majority of the dislikes are coming from the fact that you changed the channel’s name. As a part of the Tek Syndicate community for about 5 years, the name change is the only thing that really affected me, don’t worry though, I haven’t jumped on the dislike train.

mmmmm new tek mouse, glossy tho…need matte

everybody eats pizza and games at the same time

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That “dirt” folder’s fucking disgusting. No matter who you think is right or wrong, it’s real scummy to compile and release personal shit like that.

On a separate note, I really like the new content and I’m very much looking forward to more.

Keep on trucking guys

Justin just chilling in the background made my day
Also nice video logan, I’m sure it helps clear the air.

Yeah, I love how people are pointing it out in the comments.

None of them think “Well Logan’s making the video, so he’d have to be quiet. And since it’s directly at his screen, Justin shouldn’t have private company data up” Basically I couldn’t do much but chill until he was done.

Glad it made your day.


I’ll tell you guys right now… Justin is helping us keep shit running around here and we finally have a functioning place of work. His skills help a lot. I did tell him to chill while I was on camera because the damned keyboard is loud.


Cleaning the air is always a good thing to do. It took the time that you needed! I think that you with this are putting the things to a rest, and you’re right, move on, keep doing what you like and love the most! The rest, go for a walk outside!
Keep the hard work!

Looking forward to what you’ll present us. You will always be a source of inspiration in what I do. I’m officially starting my side buisiness this week, I’ve been building computers for years but the last 6 month I made so much money that I need to get legit :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of what I do on my YT channel and what I do with computers I do because you made it seem fun. Thank you.

Its not a critique I liked it :slight_smile:
In any case its definitely good to see all your content coming back and you guys getting everything back together, looking forward to more content and all that cool stuff. Will see if I can get to the LAN… Tho I have university so maybe, maybe not considering the dates.


peeps on L1 egging me on because I like the standard issue so much

I have three


That “dirt” folder reminds me of the ethics chapters in my business textbooks.

Nice that it looks like just about everything is sorted out and everybody can go their meri merry ways.

I’d buy you and the crew a good beer or two if you weren’t on the opposite side of the country.

Thanks for this Logan. You did a real good job.

I loled. I’ll get rid of the gloss and it shall be glorious.


Logan, we stick with you. I was only with Tek Syndicate’s forum for a year before all of the shit hit the fan, but I always appreciate your videos! The channel has moved on and the content has been excellent.

another one for the collection then