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Chiclet Keys on a Gaming Keyboard | TESORO Gram XS


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It looks like it would be great for typing. I preferred the Apple aluminum full keyboard (chiclet) when typing a lot of service tickets at my last contract job, even on Windows 10. Rubber domes just feel like shit to me now.

I was never a fan of the tactile clicking switches (blue/brown) for personal use due to complaints while trying to type and be on the phone at the same time.

I like Cherry MX Red and Clear switches. I find the Clear variation is a nice compromise because it’s is a linear click without the added bump – amazing feeling with o-rings.

The Reds are great when I am doing a lot of typing and listening to a book or using the phone at the same time – also improved with o-rings.

I would use that Tesoro board for work in a corporate /studying environment or just whenever silence is necessary.


TESORO makes one with opaque keys with a nice black bold font I’ll buy one but the 45g force is alittle soft. My notebook is 65g tactile which I love. Gaming on it was fine. + 5mm Candara font, r, is that asking for too much?


Hmmmmm. I might try the blue switches. Havit makes one that’s very similar. I believe it uses the same switches.


Chiclet keys suck. The only reason I have ever had chiclet keyboards at times were due to not knowing that they sucked or that they were good buys to keep as extra keyboards. I also wanted a wireless keyboard and mouse and didn’t have to spend money to get it so I got the Logitech K360 wireless chiclet keyboard (free using SDM points) and I have to say it is an affordable wireless chiclet keyboard that works proper but I still would rather use so many other keyboards. So if you don’t have a need for chiclets and don’t care about price for keyboards get something else.