Cherry MX Green

I want to replace my ehh membrane keyboard and I want mx green and rgb switches any recommendations ?

There pretty stiff so if you have fat finger or often press multiple key’s down around the one you wanted to there quite good. Blacks are even better. I prefer a really smooth typing keyboard so I’m using the Corsair K95 RGB with Cherry MX brown’s there smooth with just a hint of a tactile bump at then end and near silent great for gaming due to how un-intrusive the sound is especially when paired with headphones. All depend’s on what you wan’t in your keyboard really there’s a switch for everyone.

Heres an old video they did about different switch types.

I kinda miss my old razer membrane keyboard.

Unfortunately there are no keyboards with greens and rgb lighting. The closest thing if you want a clicky rgb keyboard would be something with blue (like the corsair k70 rgb) or the razer black widow chroma with razer’s weird custom switches. However neither of these will be as heavy as greens. If you want something thats heavy and has rgb lighting, you might want to consider an rgb keyboard with mx blacks (WARNING: blacks are not clicky and will give you no tactile feedback). I know there are variants of the ducky shine 5 and the roccat ryos that have both of these things, but I think thats it. Your last option would be a keyboard with mx greens and back light but no rgb. I know pistol used to have some cm storm keyboard with greens and now shes got a ducky shine 4 with greens. Also the ducky one, shine 3/4, and that cm storm keyboard (i seriously dont remember the name) are the only keyboards with mx greens that come to my mind