Cheapest Fallout 4 + DLC in Weekend Deals

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Fallout 4 is tying its all time low with a drop to $24 on PC at GMG this weekend, and even Fallout 4 DLC is on sale up to 50% off. The discounts are part of a this-weekend-only Fallout 4 sale. Unfortunately the latest DLC Nuka-world is not part of the sale, but DLC like Far Harbor is at its all-time low.

If you’re okay steering away from a 4K gaming monitor, and find 1080p just fine, a widescreen 2550 x 1080 LG 29UC88 29-inch Ultrawide just dropped to $330 on BeachCamera’s eBay page. It’s a new low for the 2016 released monitor by $40 with free shipping in the continental US and sales tax charged only in NJ.

This week BundleStars has been running a new Bundlefest sale, but probably saved their best bundle for the last day. Their new Nemesis bundle gets you 13 Steam games for $7.49, which would otherwise cost as much as $208 if you bought each separately at full price. Titles include Risen 3 - Titanlords, Insurgency, Toren, Contagion, and more.


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