Cheap keyboard?

looking to get a mechanical keyboard to replace my current one as the d key is jamming. wondering if anyone has bought from gearbeast more specifically motospeed. outemu blue switches

if anyone else has any suggestions please do tell me (do note im not rich)

This one I like a lot (brown switches):

And this one is fairly good for the price:

best $38 purchase ever

Has Gateron blue switches and is tenkeyless
I’ve got one and it works really well. Is quite loud compared to MX blues but i mean, it’s a clicky switch so.

for me those 10 extra keys (or even more) are kind of what i want for making macro keys

The full one is $40 or $50 iirc
it’s $40 with no backlighting

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced blue switch keyboard, I recommend the Havit HV-KB366l. It’s RGB and has the switches you want. That’s what I use, and for $60, it’s a good deal. I think when I picked it up from Amazon it was $80-$90 or so.