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Chair recommendations


Looking for recommendations for a comfortable deask chair. Will be sitting for long periods of time. Would like to get a cheaper chair but willing to spend more if it will last a long time and is comfortable. Everyone says DX racer, can anyone confirm or have any other recommendations?


Really depends on your set up and your body posture.

I was looking at something like this


Thanks for the link


Just go try out some chairs with a decent amount of ergonomic options. Those dx racer chairs have basically noting for back support.


You’re welcome. Also @takeandbake is right, don’t just go by others suggestions as they may have a different set up and different posture. Try some out if you can and research what it is you want and need.

I posted a link as an idea / option. There are tons of other stuff out there.

Happy shopping!!!


Ok thanks


Thanks for the info


Something with wheels is always nice.


It will be in a room with carpet


Haha :joy: am sorry but that saying reminded me of a friend of mine crashed his chair into his TV the other day cause laminate floor and no brains don’t mix haha


Personally, my posture is terrible. I find myself hunched over my desk a lot.

Maybe I just need one of these, but remove the headrest.


cool story brah


Haha awesome idea. If only I had the room to build a setup around that chair and enough money to pay someone for a massage everyday haha :joy:


i use ekornes stressless office chairs. they are incredibly expensive but you can sit in them for 16 hrs or more with no butt pain or back pain. im a programmer and i game so a comfortable chair is important to me. the only chair i can compare it to is the embody by herman miller it has great back support but i get butt pain after 4 hrs.


ok thanks for the info ill check it out!


If you have a membership to costco check them out for affordable leather chairs, the best part is if it starts to break down you can take it back and they’ll return it no questions asked.


ok ill do that! are they comfortable for long period?