CES 2017: What are you looking for?

Without sponsorship we really don’t travel much. CES, Computex, PAX, etc. have all been covered by sponsors in the past. The videos from events don’t usually do well enough to justify going to these events without them being paid for… and the vendors spend a ton on their fancy booths… so they naturally are OK covering costs so that they can show it off a little more.

I wouldn’t mind going to some events on our own dime, but it would have to be something very key.

I’m really waiting to see what they are going to do here as well. I hope the audio preamp is better.


Thanks Logan :slight_smile: I appreciate the info, and covering the cost of travel / accommodation to these events is expensive without sponsorship.

I’m really enjoying what yourself, and the Crit team are providing at present.



AMD AMD AMD … all the news about their new GPUs and CPUs is what I want.

However I am Green Team in terms of GPUs right now so I’d like to see if they have any new features coming out in the future in regards to Nvidia GameWorks. PhysX 2017?