CES 2017: What are you looking for?

Hey all - I’m flying out to Vegas tomorrow and Logan’s visiting later this week. I thought I’d ask what you guys are looking for this coming CES? I was thinking ahead of time if I knew what you were looking for, I’ll try and get some pictures/video for you. :slight_smile:

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New Nvidia GPUs

New Intel CPUs

Cheaper Mechanical Keyboards

Stuff that is generally NOT 4k or RGB

New CPU Air Coolers


Nothing VR

The latest developments in camera gear / DSLR model releases (especially Nikon) Hasselblad et al.

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Anything PC gaming…VR wave 2 and AR stuff.

Go to the RBH sound booth, and try out their HP2 headphones. They are designed to compete with $500+ units, and are only $200. Logan missed them last year, and I imagine they will probably have that set, or a successor again this year.

I have a pair and they are great, but it would be good to have a reviewer for the PC community see if they are worth a recommendation over and above what is already out there.

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Ahh so maybe someone would like to see us go to NAB this year? :wink:

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:smile_cat: That’s if the Crit’s finances permit Hutch, it does not matter if you’re unable to attend.

I’m looking for some new hybrid laptop/tablet computers that aren’t insanely expensive ^^

A good VR headset for under 400.

Panasonic GH5 in particular for me, but that’s the only body that I’m honestly really interested in. Maybe if there’s any news on that Kodak Super 8mm/digital camera thing. My cat knocked my Super 8 camera off of a shelf and jammed the lens so it no longer zooms or focuses, so I’m sort of in the market for a new one. Any of the weirder and kind of ‘half-baked idea’ stuff I personally find interesting for their stupidity, ingenuity, ridiculousness, and/or willingness to take a chance.

Edit: Hot tits specs for the GH5 ‘leaked.’

1. Slow motion up to 180 fps!
2. much larger number of focus point: 225 vs 49 in the GH4.
3. Same body weather sealing as the E M1 II – up to minus 10 degrees of cold.
4. 5 axis IBIS
5. The 20MP sensor is actually NEW
6. No more limit about the duration of recording. 29 minutes in Europe.
7.The audio XLR microphone hotshoe mounted I/O interface will be compatible with the DMC-GH4.
8. It has full size HDMi
9. Panasonic plans to start shipping out the GH5 in March/April!
10. Body only: Price will be between 1 800 € and 2 000 € in Europe for the DMC-GH5.
11. Price will be ± 2 900 € for the DMC-GH5 + the new Panasonic Leica 12-60 Lens (not the older 12-60mm lens!)

If the IBIS is anything like Olympus’s implementation in the OM-line, holy balls. Pair that with the gyroscope thing yall already have for the GH4 and never need a tripod again?? I wonder of the 180fps is 1080p or 4K; I’d hope 4K, but that might only be possible with the interface thing.

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I know you have the Patreon behind the scenes vlogs and videos. Though I know you guys were using Instagram for BTS short videos and photo updates a while back. I’d like to see some quick and easy CES content on the Instagram if you could, to see what all CES has or what shenanigans you guys are up to!

Wow :smile:

To be honest, nothing really. I’m not into half of this “Consumer Electronics” mumbo jumbo, and the other half I haven’t found to be all that innovative in recent years. It all seems to be either rehashes of existing things and/or one-off products that we’ll never actually see for sale.

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I hope they announce the 1080ti.

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Real world benchmarks for zen and vega

The underrated cool stuff that the bigger tech channels rarely bother to talk about.

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I believe Mionix is going to have a wireless mouse that charges while on the mouse mat.

Well no 1080ti announcement. The nvidia stuff was pretty lame actually. New sheild and GeForce experience crap

Lame? More like terrifying. Plenty of fodder for Tinfoil Tuesday. Mics all over your house, enough in one room and it can triangulate your position in the room; facial recognition software in your car to tell you if you’re road raging too much and need to pull over…a big bag of nope for me. I do admire their ambitions, and self driving cars are inevitable; but a lot of this stuff that seems like a vague cover for data mining to help their AI learning have a bigger data set (which again, I can’t really fault them for, but it’s still creepy).

Ya it was pretty dumb. Pretty much everything people didnt want nvidia to do they did. I just wish the 1080ti would come out cause Im looking upgrade

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