CEMU questions

so I’ve been messing around with CEMU and I have some questions, so I recently saw some people playing zelda breath of the wild on their pc with the CEMU emulator, do I need the game inorder to do this or do I have to find an iso, I’ve already tried a torrent but CEMU didn’t even reconize it because it was a zip file, also this brings up the discussion of moral and legallity of emulation I’ve seen people say that it wasn’t bad because they didn’t give our games on our platform, which sounds to me but I’m wondering what you guys think, hope to hear back later.

Well, you should get a legal copy of the game if you want to play it, that includes playing it via emulation on PC.

As for CEMU, AFAIK it still has game-breaking crashing issues with Breath of the wild.

it seemed stable from what
I’ve seen but idk.