Canadians To Back Up Entire Internet - To Save it From Trump

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The library of Alexandria, Library of Antioch, Xianyang Palace, “the history of libraries is one of loss.” This quote comes from the Internet Archive of Canada. The recent election of Donald “Ragnarok” Trump has them worried about the future of the internet and they do not want to see history repeat itself. So, they have decided to backup the entire internet. I’m going to leave the politics out of this and let everyone argue on their own.

The mission is lofty: to give everyone access to all knowledge, forever. They have already worked on the Wayback Machine, but they need to raise millions to make this happen. Historically archiving the internet will require petabytes of data and some insane infrastructure. If they achieve their funding goals I will ask them for a tech tour.

The catalyst aside, I hope they make this happen.

Check out their blog here: Oh Canada!

Here’s a link to their donation page: Donate to the Internet Archives


I think this is just to fuel the Mass Hysteria. I’ve been pro Trump yadda yadda, but here is a safe haven away from Politics, I don’t want to cause a stir as well.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. To backup the internet is to save old data that you can just have a good ol’ time being all nostalgic and now they bought politics into it…

It’s stupid.

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Regardless of the circumstances as to why it’s being done it’s a good exercise to do it. We might learn something from it or it could perhaps be quite useful in the future.


Hype, that’s all it is. I wonder how much was already copied by Zero

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It just seems like a ridiculous thought, unless they can bring up some actual evidence. The mainstream media has been almost entirely anti-Trump ever since he started running (except Fox, of course, and they weren’t always totally biased toward him either), and the right-leaning sites were basically all shot down as racist, misogynist, xenophobic, etc. whatever buzzword-of-the-week the sjw’s (the loudest minority) decided to throw around. I know he’s not a very cautious speaker, but I’ve also seen a couple videos where it would have been a deal breaker for me, had it not been taken out of context or just totally misinterpreted.

It would be like if I said “I hate pizza that has anchovies on it” and they just used the part that said “I hate pizza”.

I don’t care if they back up the internet, but saying it’s because of Trump is just stirring up more drama than there already is (just to clarify, I’m bashing on the Canadians since they’re the ones making the claim, not the channel).

They just want to have a private repository of all the internet Porn.

Aside from maybe some scientific and medical research information there’s nothing of real long term significance that would be lost if the entire Internet were reformatted.