Can tin hats really block anything

I know Tek Syndicate jokes about tin hats, but can they really block anything. I know that the CIA has laser proof windows so you can’t hear conversations.

Lets Prove or Bust this myth.

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No, putting conductive metal on your head will only boost your ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation.

They block your ability to procreate…

So how can we test this?

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Actually it might not stop procreate, are you forgetting you are in portland, and denver gots some real weirdos. Like me:) It might even help.


It does block radio waves. Wrap your phone in aluminum foil and it shouldnt be able to get a signal

Yep. Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Denver, and maybe even Baltimore. If you go to any of those places with a tin hat you will automatically get everyone pregnant within a 23 yard radius, even men.

It happened to me when I was living in WA.

Can confirm, in Baltimore

can it block responsibility

i need one asap if so

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Of course cranium condoms block the transmissions from the globalist new world order lizard people that run the planet. I know because Alex Jones said so!

Any waves that pass under the bottom of that hat through your head will bounce around in that hat making it worse

Live in a Faraday cage or stop trying

Not a problem

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Give me some ******* to **** and we will see how it all turns out. I will put the tin foil hat on for that.

1776 Commenced Again

Free tin foil hats are to be issued to all legal citizens by Alex Jones and paid for by the US government.

Where would I find the most efficient form of tinhat? I’m looking for maximum protection against any and all things.

The best would be to make your own, that way it conforms to the shape of your head

Melt some aluminum foil in a big pan with a blowtorch. Get a cardboard box and cut a hole in one side for your head. Cut the opposite side of the box off. Stick your head through the hole, and then dump the aluminum into the other side of the box (the top, if you’re standing upright). This will fit the aluminum perfectly to the shape of your head so that there are no gaps for the gay frogs to squeeze into.

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Thank you. I was mostly concerned with keeping the gay frogs away.

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