Can this build be improved?

My friend wanted to build a PC, so I encouraged him to look into picking out his own parts. His budget is around $550. Can this build be improved for around the same price?

If there is a Microcenter nearby I would check out thier cpu/MB combo’s. Some of the Skylake stuff is pretty cheap and you get 30 bucks off for the combo, bad part is you have to schlep there and pick it up the old fashion way.

I’d actually say to check out office/university surplus and refurbished PCs. You can ones with actually pretty good specs for very reasonable prices. Swap in a new power supply and GPU and it’ll be plenty adequate for gaming.

Take this one for example:

  • Decent Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Legitimate Windows key
  • Case
  • Motherboard

All for $230. That means your friend has up to $320 left for a nice power supply and GPU, or save some pennies and get something a little lower-end.

Or spend ~$60 more than the one above and get one with a better processor, and still leaving $260 for power supply and GPU:

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