Can I use a pen with this touchscreen laptop?


I’m looking to buy a laptop/tablet convertible for college. I need to be able to take hand written notes for things like drawing diagrams and graphs and that sort of thing, and my budget is preferably under £900. I’ve been browsing for a while now and I’ve found one that seems promising is the Asus Zenbook Flip UX360UA:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with its own stylus. So I was wondering if I could buy a third-party stylus, would this work? Are there styluses that can sense different levels of pressure that would work with the laptop?

Also, if you guys have any other suggestions on laptops that would also be great.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I believe you can? These bigger ones with the rubber tips are usually what works - if not, Amazons pretty good about returns. :slight_smile:

Typically any touch screen pen will work. Touch screen technology is very standardized.

There are two primary types of touch screen technologies: resistive and capacitive.

  • Resistive touch screens have two layers of film on top of the actual display. Pressing one layer against the other conducts a small amount of electricity, which the device then reads to determine where it is being touched. Resistive touchscreens can be used with pretty much everything, including fingers, pens, and even pieces of wood if so desired.
  • Capacitive touchscreens have their glass covered with a thin layer of conductive material. Touching this material creates a small static distortion, which creates a change in capacitance. This change is then processed by the controller to determine the location of the contact. Downside is that it only works with capacitive contacts, like human fingers and certain compounds. This is the most common type of touchscreen in consumer goods.

TL;DR, something like what @hutchison15 linked will be just peachy.

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Thanks for the responses.

If I use something like this, will I be able to draw in more detail, meaning, will it be able to sense the pressure?

Most likely not. If it was using wacom, ntrig or another pen tech for pressure sensitive stylus input they would almost certainly be advertising the feature.