C6,turbo,APM and OC'ing Cheap AMD MB's

At the bottom of this thread I found some great info on what C6 is

Most OC guides for the FX assume an expensive MB and cooling solution.
The biggest FX weakness is single core performance, multicore apps it is kick ass.
Hope my experience with the 8320E and the very cheap Asrock 970M Pro3 can help if you wish to OC but have a cheap MB with 4+1 pwr

So how does cheap MB and stock cooler fit in?
Basically if you just find a stable base clock, then turn on turbo,apm and C6 you will gat a good size jump in single core performance but a small increase in multicore performance.
You also may have to back off HT and mem settings, Later I intend to take the chipset voltages off auto and see if I can push it more. Right now my 8320e turbos to 4.45.
First image is stock, second the amber is several runs with the base clk at 223. Most runs are 95 to 98 fps with one dropping to 91fps. Still a big jump from 75 fps

The cinebench rendering score did not go up much but here are the open GL scores:

My temps during gameing hover between 49 to 51 degrees with a Gamex 400, a cheap cooler.
With a stock cooler you may have to back off some but if your strapped for cash and you want to still overclock and everyone tells you your board will burn this makes an attractive option.
This method gives only a small increase in multi-core but a good size jump in single core
2 images deleted showing cpu-z single core bench jump 996 to 1278
Single core Turbo’s nicely to 4.45. Reviews with the 8320e on a top tier 99fx board and watercooling usually result in a top OC of 4.7
Highest temp I observed was 50C and in some games the NB actually gets hotter then the CPU.
image deleted
Even with a stock cpu cooler you should be able to get a good increase in FPS while staying under 60C as long as you keep an eye on temps.
Hope this helps:)

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Is it bad that I knew you were the one to make this thread solely based on the title?

If somebody is going for an FX part nowadays, for whatever reason, and wanted to pinch some pennies I’d suggest grabbing one of the ones with the newer style stock coolers. They are significantly better than what they used to be, and perform surprisingly decent.

Although at this stage in the game I think either waiting for Zen/Ryzen or going the FM2 route is the best choice when going AMD. I mean the Athlon X4 860K is $60 on Newegg right now, which is a pretty decent price. Larger variety of FM2 motherboards too.

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Not at all I appreciate it. Saw the OC was dead and thought why not.
Your so right about the newer coolers. The wraith gets all the press but even the aluminim fin coolers that came with the 7850k and 8320e are much better then the old phenom coolers. And the 7870k and 8320 up have nice heatpipe coolers.

I would not romend buying this now. FM2+ is nice but since they lack an L3 cache I would wait for Bristol Ridge. They are the new APU’s on a unified AM4 platform. The still lack an L3 cache and use the latest Excavator cores with new instructions and not Zen cores but will also use DDR4 ram.

Someone OC’d similar to 4.8

Hope they release an Athlon version