Buzzing headphones after moving amp

So I moved my amp to a diffrent spot and now my headphones are buzzing. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?

If all you did was move it, the amp is probably picking up electrical interference from something. Is the amp or any audio cables located on or near an electrically noisy device? Near pretty much means within a few inches in this situation.

For example, crossing an audio cable over an AC power cable will sometimes cause the audio signal to pick up a 50/60 Hz buzz.

@w.meri The audio cable is not touching a powercable and the sound doesn’t change when im moving the audio cable around.
I have to point out that I still hear music, but on the background I hear the anoying buzzing.
It’s really subtle now though.

My best guess would also be that an unshielded wire is crossing another, specifically one carrying power.

Try this:

-Turn the volume DOWN to the point where the sound you hear (including music) ins’t very loud, but you can still hear the buzzing.

-Wiggle, and move wires around and see if any have an impact on the buzzing. This can create noise, so turning your volume down to begin with is very important for the safety of your ears, and your headphones.

If that doesn’t work, try unplugging connections to other pieces of hardware from your amplifier other than where you are getting your music from. Could be some kind of feedback, but usually this is more of a problem with older hardware.