Building own headset reccomendations?

Looking back at the old build your own headset videos I’m starting to look towards steering myself off of my logitech g930’s that i have had 2 pairs of so far. I haven’t had any major problems with them before, but they always had some sort of quirk with the mic or would turn off with no audible warning ping for low battery. Making a headset I’m pretty much dead set on the antlion since its honestly the best option, but im still undecided on the actual headphones. I do have the ATHAD500X’s in mind from the videos but I really just wanna know if anyone has anything better to recommend or could give insight into anything new that’s popped up on the market since then. My ideal price range is anything under 100$ so I’m not looking for anything crazy good, but any and all tips/recommendations are appreciated.

I want to go with the AD700x, but here where I live they cost twice as much as they do in US. (roughly 205.31USD acourding to google.)
I use the Superlux HD 668B from the “build your own headset” video. I think they sound good, (especially for the price) The build quallity seams not to be the best, but suprisingly they survivred quiet fiew drops. The cables aren’t the best but then again, I go through headphone cables very quick untill I found the Vention braided headphone cable.
Anyway IDK how good 668B are compare to something like g930’s. Im probably no help with a review of my cheap (but still good) headphones. You are probably looking for something better. (like the AD500X)