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Build the Best i5 Gaming PC | GTX 1080, 7600k Overclocked, RGB - March 2017


Originally published at: https://crit.tv/build-the-best-i5-gaming-pc-gtx-1080-7600k-overclocked-rgb-march-2017/

We went with an i5 for pure gaming performance per dollar. Check out the specs:


Let us know what you think.


“the best part of…”

made me think of this guy

Not a bad build, have that corsair cooler, older model but ya good deal.


Is professional system builder


I really like that decal placement though :smiley:


You get the joke.


Wish the guy made more videos, never liked unboxings/reboxings… but his videos are very entertaining


Looks fine from the front. :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed… Nothing to see behind the curtain…



That case looks amazing in white! The decal on front is A1


Please! What track was used for the intro music.? I can’t find it, is it not in one of the 3 Zweihänder albums.?


Something I’m working on for the next album.


Ok! Thanks!! Can’t wait to buy it! =)