Budget PC Intel HD Graphics 530 Opinions?

I want a budget PC that can run League of Legends. I’ve checked youtube videos and apparently Intel HD Graphics 530 is suffice to run the game at 60 FPS. I can also purchase a GPU later on as an upgrade when possible?



In the year 2017 I really can’t recommend someone getting a dual core cpu. If I were you I’d look at something else. You did say you wanted this to be a budget pc but then mention a GPU as an upgrade later on and so when you do this you will want it paired with a better cpu and so really if you can get a quad core cpu now get one now. However if you are not fearful of buying used parts I guess you could get the dual core cpu now and upgrade with used parts later. Hell have you even looked at buying used parts now? As for my experience with used parts I have bought video cards used and had no issues with them but the reality is often you won’t get to see the parts tested out long enough to see if there are any issues. However there is no harm in asking to see things working for an extended period of time. If the person won’t do that then that of course is a red flag not to buy from them. I guess Ebay or some other site that rates sellers and has consumer protections of some sort might be the best option to buy from but I have bought local and had no issue. I just look for people who sell on a regular basis and I know I can trust them.

Now examples of the Intel HD Graphics 530 running pretty good …

(This 2nd video was with a dual core cpu.)

Finally best of luck with whatever you buy. Happy Gaming!

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try and get an amd a8 quad core if u can manage and at least 8g of rammies

no buy this or something like it

just buy the i5 dell and insert 1050 on your own whim